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this is how you remember it

this is how you remember it

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You are nine when a computer first comes into your home. Your favourite thing on it is a virtual pet website; you spend hours in the chatroom. You don't understand why some of your online friends don't use their real names. It's not long before you discover porn. You don't know what you are watching, but you do know that you shouldn't tell anybody. Later, older, you start going to parties. Your first kiss is captured on camera and shared with everyone in your year. Though it feels like a betrayal, soon it feels normal. Part of the incessant cycle of posting, sharing and liking. Now, you can't remember a time when you didn't feel hollow inside. Now, you know that something has to change. Chilling, potent and intensely intimate, This is How You Remember It is at once a cautionary tale, a call to arms and a tender love story. It is about a whole life lived online, and about finding another way, when it's all you've ever known.

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